Heal your body by trigering stem-cell production and mental reprogramming

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For 99% of my clients, hypnotherapy was new and their first experience was with me. 

100% of my clients recommend friends & family to do hypnotherapy with me.

Everyone who worked with me I asked two questions:

1. Would you recommend hypnotherapy to friends and family?

2. Do you have any idea of the time during the session?

100% yes was the response to the first question and also a 100% no to the second question.

The second answer is relevant because this proves they all went into hypnosis. It is not hocus-pocus or witchcraft. It is science.

When in a hypnotic trance, one of the ways to verify if you are, is that you lose all sense of time, because the subconscious does not feel or sense time.

In light forms of trance this happens too, when watching a movie, reading a book, something you find a lot of joy, or just driving your car, these are all moments you go into a light trance and your sense of time is distorted.

I love working with people and I love my work because making people happy never gets boring. Check out my small introduction video on the right, but moreover what some people who were brave enough to go on camera had to share about working with me in the videos below

What hypnosis is and is not

In movies and stories, hypnosis may be depicted as a mystical form of mind control. It's often used to explain the unexplainable, adding an air of mystery to the tales we encounter.

In reality and when I guide people into a session, hypnosis is something much more tangible and natural. It's a state of mind we all experience, a tool to alleviate stress, manage discomfort, and even foster deep personal change.

What many don't realize is that every session of hypnosis is ALWAYS self-hypnosis. It's all within your control—it's all happening in your mind, after all.

As your hypnotherapist, my role is to guide you into a state of focused awareness where you can tap into the power of your own mind. Together, we'll explore the emotions and habits that drive your behaviours and reshape them to better align with your goals and desires.

During our time together, you'll not only experience the benefits of hypnotherapy, but you'll also learn how to practice self-hypnosis independently. The positive changes you achieve can extend far beyond our sessions.

These statistics, sourced from Barrios' work on hypnotherapy, highlight the effectiveness and efficiency of this approach.

Ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery and transformation? Together, we'll unlock the potential of your mind and pave the way for lasting change.

Therapy methods compared

Hypnotherapy boasts an impressive success rate of 93% after just six sessions on average.
Compare that to traditional methods like Behavioral Therapy, with a success rate of 72% after an average of 22 sessions,

 or Psychoanalysis, with a mere 38% success rate after an average of 600 sessions

My sessions with Jacqueline were so transformational, I have been recommending her to all my friends and family.
- Michelle Shalin
Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart! What we did today, opened up something new inside of me. When you are done with the same shit in your heart,mind and soul, go to Jacqueline

- Anne van der Sligte

How can you work with me

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hypnosis with Jacqueline Moulen
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 Four 1-on-1 individual sessions though video

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Better, Harder, Faster & Stronger!

Imagine a state that belongs to you and you alone—a space in your own mind where deep relaxation meets laser-like focus,

Hypnosis isn't just a fleeting moment of relaxation; it's a gateway to profound change.

It's a state where your mind becomes receptive to the changes you desire most, where you can unlock the full potential of your subconscious.

In this state, the possibilities are endless. You have the opportunity to break free from old habits, conquer fears, and embrace the life you've always dreamed of.